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I have used Pinnas and Needles several times, and wouldn't think of using anyone else. They have done simple things such as shortening trousers, and also more complex work such as tapering trousers, and shortening a rather delicate vicuna jacket. Everything has been done very well. As well as being professional, they are lovely chaps, and really look after customers. I would highly recommend them.
I bought a coat very similar to what you described at Borrelli in August - navy blue, 100% cashmere, no padding on the shoulders. It's very light to wear. I don't know what they have in stock now, but it may be worth giving them a ring.
Another thumbs up for Pinnas and Needles. I have used them for tapering trousers, shortening trousers and putting working buttonholes in the sleeves of a jacket. The work was all done very well, and the brothers who run it are very friendly.
I have had shirts made by Anna Matuozzo in Naples in the past, and was very pleased with the experience and the shirts that she made for me. I would highly recommend her.
Thanks a lot - that is an excellent and really helpful write up.
London, Tokyo, Naples
Any information about the fabric? Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by dasai You have an Osakan mindset indeed when you consider Tokyo a "surrounding city" of Osaka. FTFY.
I use B'Reform Works Studio on Meiji Dori near Harajuku - I have been very pleased with them - they are thorough and experienced.
Salvatore, I hear that you are supposed to be in Tokyo this month. Has the date been confirmed yet?
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