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£ 540 with trees. No idea how much they were without.
For once EG's winter sale was a success for me. Over the summer I decided my next MTO would be an olive Beaulieu on the 82 last. Just as I had a coffee in a Pret a Manger at around noon on Thursday a Tweet arrived the EG sale would start "today". And as I went window shopping on Jermyn Street I found an olive Beaulieu on the 82 last in my exact size and width.
I always liked Across the Universe and still do.
High Noon. Rio Grande, El Dorado and expecially The Searchers are awesome too.
I know of one Finn who has style even when only wearing a towel.
Lots of knowledge here, good lord. You'll meet many different people with different styles, but as a rule of thumb these guidelines might work. Students: Jeans, T Shirts and Sneakers and you'll gel in well. Lecturers probably a cord jacket and Jeans or something along these lines. Formal is much more casual than americans might be accustomed to. Black or white tie is virtually never worn, except from higher diplomatic events. A dark grey or blue suit would do...
I'll go to visit London in December and will be joined by my sister this time. I'll take a dive into Jermyn Street for H&K, EG and Taylor's. But where to look for similar Ladies' apparel? I guess my sister would look for shoes (boots?), definitely purses and small leather goods. She seems to be fascinated by Launer wallets, for instance. Cosmetics would be of interest too, as I am thinking about it. Any ideas?
Oh well.
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I have to admit that I abused you as guinea pigs. The above posted pic is nothing but an exercise in Photoshop that I considered quite successful. But the proof of nail had to be if SF's shoe geeks would detect the fake. The shoes are a simple Beaulieu in Darl Oak. Thanks for your understanding!
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