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Texas will never go to the SEC because of academics.Further,Texas can't go anywhere without A&M and Tech. My guess is the Pac 16(?) will make the better argument over the Big 16(?).Stanford and Cal trump Michigan and Northwestern in academics,the difference in money will be negligible,and Texas has no interest in playing at State College in December--bad weather has hurt the Big 10 in recruiting speed for years. Texas has nothing to gain by joining a conference that...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Yes. All of them are ridiculous strikers, but part of the reason for some of those distances is that I think they tweak their clubs to have lower lofts than what us regular Joes use. They are using 6 and 7 degree drivers to our 8 and 9s. etc. You've got each wrong. Most tour pro's iron sets are weaker throughout the bag.As example,most would use a ~48* PW,whereas most sets made for hacks would have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 I think you're blocked. I didn't register so no pass word required. Maybe you just aren't cool enough? Story of my life.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 1. One of my economics professor. I had him for my upper level economics courses (International Econ, History of Economics in the US). A lot of what they post is true, but I still liked him a lot. Got some awesome grades with him. Basically for exams, your class notes were worthless and you'd have to study the book from scratch. Is this site password...
In the day,I had a pair of Klipsch La Scalas that I really liked.I don't know that I can explain why I liked their sound-I just did.What would be something similar today?
I own a ~20 year old pair of Bally alligator lace-ups.What was a crease in the leather is now a small tear.Any way to salvage?Any help would be appreciated. Sorry,no camera available so pictures aren't an option.
I'll take # 028(purple) and # 146(grey).E-mailing for payment instructions.
If the first deal falls through on the Incotex size 32,I'll take both pair.
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