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Thanks for the help. Reason why I squat this way is because I've decided to dabble in olympic lifting. Hence my squat style.Will be hammering abs/low back more often from now on.Been doing these with a weighted barbell, and loving it.Although KlokovD's variant seems cooler (I tried it, mother of god difficult to get the weight onto your traps!)
Any ideas on ways to strengthen my core? Realize its the limiting factor in heavy squats. *Sorry abt the buttwink of death* : /
BTN overhead pressing is awesome. Why didn't i discovered it before?!?!?!
Finally a 100kg olympic front squat. So motivated for next legs session.
Yeah bro I know what you mean, just wanted a different opinion on this. Because since I started lifting seriously knees caving in has always been preached as bad.
Thanks guys. Trained this morning with the 2nd placed lifter in the Singapore Powerlifting Open today, realized Coach Wu's squat method is pretty effective, especially on singles.
Went to the Singapore Weighlifting Fed to train on Friday night, a coach there told me about the chuanfu squat. Basically Coach is saying that the use of knees in from the bottom of the hole allows the movement to more fluid and explosive. Is this a good way to squat for explosiveness? Do I need a qualified coach to train? Coach also said this is a "100% injury free" method. PS huge guy @ the start is national lifter Lewis Chua. Dude has insane numbers.
Is Equinox usually a decent gym? Firm sending me on overseas trip in September, I get to stay @ a 5 star hotel with a equinox chain. Should bring squatting shoes?
Oly squatters, when coming up from the hole, look up, down or straight ahead?
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