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Does anyone have any advice for what to look for in a basic gym for a beginner? I'm a skinny bastard interested in a starting strength routine, but it seems that most of the gyms in my area are geared toward fat mothers who want to watch FOX News while running on a treadmill. I'm 5'8'', 128 pounds, and I've never once lifted a weight outside my room so I feel somewhat intimidated attempting to deadlift for the first time in front of a bunch of body builders. At the same...
Danke! I've admired your shots for a while.
Some photos from the Metropolitan. I got chased out before I could venture outside European/Egyptian sculptures. Just got my first dslr a few months ago and I'm still not quite sure what I am doing. Comments of any variety are welcome.
This is off topic but I'm too lazy to sign up for a photography forum. What kind of camera strap do you guys use? I hate the bulky Canon ad that came with my dSLR and I'm considering the Luma Loop for travel. Anyone have any experience with it? Also, I want something thin (around an inch), simple, durable, and inconspicuous that I can detach easily for when I'm not traveling (e.g., shooting in a studio). Does anyone know what kind of strap Scott Schumann is using in...
Now that the sticky threads like WAYWT have been segregated and given their own special blue box, is there any quicklink on the mainpage to "view first unread"?
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Nice cat pic, mulansauce. What lens? Canon-50mm f/1.4 EF USM iPhone pics from Vermont:
Just got my first dslr a few months ago and still don't know what I'm doing. Here's an exciting cat photo:
More than one person has thought that my jeans were made by American Power Conversion
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo ILook, I live amongst the largest elderly population in the US, per capita. I SEE sweatpants and velcro shoes on a daily fucking basis. This shit is not fashionable. Nobody should be wearing this shit as fashion, ever. EVER. I see old men in jeans and boots on a daily fucking basis. Thus, all jeans and boots are not fashionable.
Quote: Originally Posted by pimpmystyle At what point do you decide you have to size down, or are you willing to deal with slightly baggy clothes? Buy pants that fit.
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