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Quote: Originally Posted by OldSnake308 Anyone from on here? My current collection - DDM4 w/ ACOG + Surefire + Magpul goodies - 870 w/ Surefire foreend + Knoxx Spec Ops Stock - Savage .223 bolt gun - Savage .308 bolt gun w/ McMillan stock - Ruger 10/22 - Kimber 1911 - Springfield XD45 I'm from Calguns and when I'm not hunting for jawns I buy firearms. I have a small collection though. BCM 16" midlength/BCM...
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Uploaded with $750 shipped....Oops, wrong thread! What kind of Glock is that, it looks vicious with the extendo clip and and folding stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by kontai69 FTFY Advance the time outside 9pm to 3am, then set the date. Then set the time. You can determine wheter the time is AM (midnight) or PM (noon) by manually advancing the time past 12:00. If the date rolls over to the next day, then the watch is in AM. If not, the watch is in PM. Thank you for the correction,all along I've always thought it was the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by kookydooky SO how long is a Seiko 007 supposed to run for if not worn Also I am pretty sure I read somewhere that these Seikos dont have a wind up feature I have Seiko skx009,skx007,Black Monster,and Orange Monster.The watch stops ticking 2 days after being worn so I think the power reserve would be around 48 hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by kookydooky Just got a seiko skx007 Is it supposed to have a rattley sound when you shake it up a bit near the ear Also how often should I be shaking up the watch to keep it running? (I am waiting for a strap to come in and its only the watch piece that I have now) The rattling sound is the rotor spinning just wear the watch for a whole day to wind it...the watch winds by the movements of your wrist.Remember...
If you're looking for nylon watch straps I'd pick maratac I'm more than satisfied with my bond zulu watch strap for my seiko 009, also have a red/black watch strap for my seiko pepsi bezel bought from Gnomon...they're coo too.
Quote: Originally Posted by cpmac7 It does work but I believe it is in need of a battery Me thinks automatic watches don't have battery its a mechanical watch that winds by itself with the motion of your wrist,or it could be a hand wind automatic.
Quote: Originally Posted by josh mullen the 30 is a true 32. apcs stretch like mad; 32-->several wears-->3 inches of stretch. if soaked, the waist would shrink up. one could also soak the waist, or dampen it slightly, and shrink it up. Eh,I just think you sag to hard for a 30 to stretch 5x its tag size.
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