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I bought a suit recently - La Habana - Cotton Khaki: Overall for my first buy from the company I'd give the quality a 7/10. Let me share my first experience: I got the suit within 2 weeks - pants were too tight and the jacket lapel buttonhole was missing. Buttons on the suit didn't match the pants as well. At first the buttons were hard to put through the button holes of the suit. I was given a free pair of pants a week later, because even letting it out, the...
I recently purchased a 38R UK suit, but it fits like a 36R (I'm a 36R - the 36R was too small). Does the UK size a bit smaller than the US sometimes?
In any case I was wondering if anyone had success with this idea, but I presumed it would be a harder job than it looks. The overlap is the big problem, especially when there's not enough fabric to make it. Thanks, I'm new to the forum - but all good advice. I might just purchase the single vent.
I saw this great suit I wanted to buy - fit was perfect - fabric was amazing - but I have my heart set on a double vented suit. The suit only had a single vent. Is it possible to convert this jacket to double vents, or is there not enough fabric to do this job?
Hmm...I think I'd want a suit with a lapels - a suit's not a suit without lapels, unless you mean without lapel buttonholes.
In any case, I went to my local tailor to get this feature added. I guess if I've noticed it, then I should get the job done right.
So should I get the job done to add the buttonhole on the lapel? I've noticed other high end brand named Khaki suits like DKNY don't have the lapel buttonhole. Attachment 9424
Well, it's a suit with matching khaki pants...but it does have thin lapels - I was considering having a tailor add a buttonhole there. It's a really nice summer suit.
Do all suits require a button hole on the lapel? I have a Khaki suit that doesn't have one...should I get a tailor to add one in?
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