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This button-down shirt by Stephan Schneider is made from a very soft, very lightweight grey cotton, and features an abbreviated collar, a center back seam, and dark mother of pearl buttons. Very lightly worn, too small for me, I need a size 6.
Bit big for me. Very supple leather, made in the USA. Price includes shipping within the USA.
Title says it all. Would prefer lightly used or new.
title says it all. Would be willing to pay a good price.
Trust me this doesn't work that well. My rehbands are still stinking after I wash them.Fuji, use a ton of baking soda and soak em. Then hand wash with some detergent. Might be even worth getting some detergent with enzymes in it to digest the odor causing sweat.
Anyone have any rec's for a black wingtip with a vibram christy sole? I see that grenson makes the perfect one, but I don't know my size and can't seem to find something close to my size. How easy is it to buy a cheap pair of derby wingtips and have a shoe repair place put a christy sole on them?
I honestly love UK garage/dupstep/2-step stuff but I do have to agree most of the clubs with this type of music is in general more dudes than girls. Atleast here in the states. The UK might be a different story.
TO all you NYCers I'm moving to the city in three weeks to start school at NYU. Is there anywhere on manhattan that has bumper plates and a platform for a reasonable price?
Of course they would start a web store once I actually move to New York. -______-
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