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Why do people even bother to ask if an item your selling is still available, then never respond to your pms? I only bumped it a day ago and the listing isn't closed so I've still got it.....
yeah. if i can't make them work you'll for sure see them up on b&s.
Toasty, what shoes? Looks like F+B but i'm not sure.
Just picked these up in 8.5. Not sure if they'll fit that well into my wardrobe or where I want my wardrobe to go, but they're fucking beautiful.
Goddamn who took the medium in the codex cardigan?
Thinking about painting my beat up desert boots with acrylic, either a specific pattern or just spatters and stuff. I was maybe thinking about creating a brogueing stencil that i could then paint onto the shoe. Ideas?
Really really want this, can't seem to find anywhere with it left though.
I'll take it if you are just going to toss it.
For anyone that picked up the geo combo pants from isaora, do you have waist and thigh measurementson a size L?
since when is this: and this goth ninja? I think they are just labeling all high fashunz goth ninja....
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