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I haven't tried a pair of APC's in a while, but my first pair were some 28 NC's. I would probably fill out a 32 NS now or a 31 rescue.As for the meet up, I'm good next week any time. No class, not much to do. GN, Fuj, Bacon, pm me so I can give you my number.
So when are we doing this NYC bro/gym out meet up thing
Yeah I mean they just aren't that comfortable because I have to sag them so much. I can't really pull them up higher because they won't fit my legs. An XL would be much better in my thighs and the waist.I'm pissed because I bought a L in the sweatpants that is coming today, as I wanted something a bit more slouchy and stuff. Guess I'll just have to throw them in the dryer.
Normally buy 33" or 34", even though my actual waist is 31"
Just got my isaora pants in the mail. WAY too small. I need an XL.... If anyone wants the Geo Panel Isaora Pants in a M or L before I send them back hit me up.
NYC gym meet up? Where do you go graphicnovelty
Fuj are you in NYC right now? I'm moving there on Thursday. Sup, Bacon [[SPOILER]]
The Village. But it's an NYU dorm, as I'm starting school there.
Anyone know where you can get quark in the States?
Moving to NYC on Wednesday... very scared, very excited.
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