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Amazing pair of boots, sadly half a size too large. Completely unworn. Great brogue detailing. I can ship these with the box, but it will probably cost a bit more (the box is pretty dinged up from when they were first shipped to me anyways). Retails for $400+. I would also be willing to trade these for a pair of Grenson Archie V's size 8UK in either black or tan. Price includes shipping without the box within the US.
is 5' 9" short? It's definitely too short for SNS, that I know.
I'm not sure what this was but you definitely shouldn't clean like that. Basically reverse curl plus a hip thrust. You need to get your elbows up.
Just got a point collar shirt in the mail. The collar is a bit to still for my tastes and I don't like how it looks when I leave some buttons unbuttoned. Any way to soften it up a bit? Would I be crazy for getting a tailor to sew it down or add some buttons and buttonholes?
I definitely don't want to spend much more than what manetamed costs. I might just get my friend that's an art student to cut my hair. Or I might just grow it out, not sure.
For those in NYC, can you recommend a place to get a haircut?
Saw some of the UU stuff. Everything was slightly disappointing. Will probably pick up some heavy flannel shirts and that parka later in the season.
from fuji to his bish "In some bros house in NYU. Trolling cunts, pissed in some girls sink because she was being a cunt but it wasn't her house. #YOLO. Gay brahs sleeping next to me, hoping i dont get raped i reckon he doesn't even lift, might go out on saturday and be cunts to more people. Drank a 4loko, told girls they were scum because they didn't drink gin and tonic. Asked bishes why they were hill billies. I am zues"
I would do this. Is there a gym we can all get guest passes to for a day?
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