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Selling because, sadly, this is too small for me. It is quite a pretty shirt however. Japanese fabric, watercolor appearance, mid to light weight. 100% cotton. Mother of pearl buttons. Top button loop closure. Patrik Ervell tab at left pocket. Straight cut hem. Unstructured collar. Pit to pit: 21.25" Shoulders: 17" Length: 28" Sleeve: 25" Add $5 for shipping. Please pm for a quote on international shipping.
Classic Ervell Formal Pants constructed out of a gorgeous fabric. I was told that they are made out a silk canvas fabric because they are the show sample. I bought them meaning to let out the waist, but I'd rather pass them along than mess them up with some tailoring. This is the pre-production show piece, basically one out of one. Retail for the nylon blend production pair is $485. Totally new and unworn. Lined to the knee in silk. All silk waist and interior...
wtf does this even mean
Its along the lines of the +J collab quality. The only other things worth buying in the collection are the heavy flannel shirt jackets, and the sweatpants. I can't imagine buying any of the rest of the stuff at anything but a deep discount.
dyeing it may fuck up the viscose lining though.
My best squat is in the range of 150ish kg and I've cleaned 119kg. I'm more impressed by the 255 x10 bench. I can't even imagine benching more than I clean.
Checked this out today. Felt absolutely terrible. Was considering exchanging my UU parka for something wool but nothing comes close to the quality. The UU parka is pretty great if you can get it at $130, very solid construction. Probably not as warm as the premium down parka, but $70 cheaper and isn't nearly as boring.
I forgot to add two quizno's 12" subs.
Twas a good cheat day. Large pizza, Chicken cacciatore, pint of soft serve from milk momofuku, 5 shots of vodka, 2 donuts and milk from dunkin donuts. Mmmmmmm
I was doing 100kg snatch pulls today and some guy asked me what muscles it worked. I really hate working out at this university gym.
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