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I'm not sure in what world a deadlift has a back angle like the bottom of a good morning. I was taught wide stance, toes pointed slightly out, back to parallel with the ground, butt back as far as possible. Really feel the hamstring stretch. Keeping the feet wide helps you achieve more depth and a great stretch to the ankles as well. Weightlifters use good mornings for hamstring flexibility and low back strength. Good mornings can help fix the pelvis rotation that occurs...
knucks what do you snatch and clean & jerk? So basically if you have a coach that's weaker than you you shouldn't listen to them? I was just repeating how I was taught to do good mornings by a guy that's been coaching for more than three decades.
use a much wider stance. and look forward the whole time
A knit between the flower shirt and the bomber would be great. Some super clean wool trousers instead of the cargoes would be nice as well.
You have to have a long torso to get the second pull right. I snatch like this because I can get the bar into my hip pocket because the grip is wide enough. But my clean pull is just normal.
Just went back to the gym today after taking a solid 3.5 weeks off for midterms and give some rest to a bunch of nagging injuries (calves, traps, kness). Squatted 90kg 5x5. Feels super bad man, I was putting up 125kg 5x5 not too long ago. Strangely my press didn't decrease to much, only lost about 5lbs.
If anyone needs a proxy for UU stuff I can get it to you pretty quickly.
Best cup of coffee that I've ever made myself is with a single cup drip brewer. Nothing beats it in terms of ease and quality.
where is everyone getting all this schneider?
Basic formal shorts from Ervell. Perfect for the upcoming summer! Unless you're in the Southern hemisphere, in which case they're perfect for now. But seriously, buy these shorts, they'll be quite useful come next spring and you'll wish you bought them, but then it will be too late because I'll be wearing them already. Totally new and unworn. Linen/Cotton slightly slubby fabric. Fully finished interior. Horn buttons. Made in the USA. Waist: 17" flat Inseam: 10.25" Leg...
New Posts  All Forums: