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In perfect condition, just doesn't fit me. Fits a bit slim. Great pattern and knit, softer and slightly lighter than other SNS knits I've held. Somewhat stretchy. Measurements: Pit to Pit: 19.5" Length: 28"
Everyone probably hates these by now but I made this one:
In my experience waiting for the final days of the barney's sale works out better than going the day it opens. I picked up quite a few things last year, patrik ervell, adam kimmel, gitman bros.
Seriously hard training yesterday, clean and jerked 100 at around 75 body weight, then finished off with squatting doubles at 122. Feels fucking fantastic, I'm missing very few of my snatches as well.
Very nice shirt, already have enough white shirts though. MOP buttons Slim fit Price includes shipping.
??? if you are in a big surplus you will gain muscle and fat, pretty much no two ways about it.
When will you guys have more of the cat pocket squares?
Looking to sell quickly. Worn lightly, still in excellent condition. Stripes are quite subtle. PM for measurements. Price includes shipping and all paypal fees.
Actually no, but he was just making the point that often times warm ups are longer than they need to be for no reason.
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