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Hit a 300lb squat tonight, I suspect I can hit double bodyweight before summer. snatched 90kg and cleaned 108kg but couldn't jerk it.
Those were snatches? I couldn't tell. I just thought they were doing some shitty clean and presses or something.
where'd you hear this?
waiiiit what? rob adell???
my god these are beautiful
tbh, I look like a skinny little bitch. Idk if you guys could tell in that video. I want to end up at 85kgish (187lbs) but if I really want to be competitive my coach says I'll be a skinny 94kg (207lbs), which is absolutely crazy. Also, how does stinger only bench like 150? He looks pretty strong. I'm pretty sure I could put up atleast 190-200 even though i haven't benched in 6 months.
pr's from the other day. If anyone is considering joining a weightlifting club, do it. it's the best money you'll spend.
5 hours of sleep. Weigh in at 77kg. Max effort day. 85kg snatch pr. narrow misses at 90. 107kg clean and jerk pr. 120kg front squat pr. now delirious.
Worn for one season and dry cleaned once. Still in great condition. Made in Canada. Lightweight wool, subtle glen-plaid pattern and great texture. Great for spring and summer Size 33 Measurements: Waist: 16.5 Thigh: 11.5 Knee: 8.5 Hem: 7.7 Inseam: 30.5
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