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Lift before soccer.
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anyone proxying to the us?
Deadlifting often and heavy is rough on body. Makes it hard to recover quickly. Maybe opt for clean pulls or speed deadlifts?
Seperate your deadlift day from your squat day? Or squat first?Also, as Charly can confirm, DOMS is not really an indicator of a muscle being worked harder or a certain type of muscle fiber being worked.You can try it but front squatting will almost never increase your max back squat where as back squatting will increase your max front squat and reserve strength. Weightlifters use back squats to raise the ceiling for their max front squat and max clean.I mean, this is all...
Nah, was gonna ask him where he got the jacket but didn't get a chance to as so many other people were leaving the classroom at the same time. I'll definitely ask about it if I see it again. He wasn't really styling it that well though, just raw jeans and a grey hoodie. Looked like a sufu kid.
Are you training to clean and jerk? Even weightlifters back squat for a large part of a cycle and only exclusively front squat when peaking for competition. The problem with front squatting exclusively isn't that you will lack posterior chain development, its that your middle back and core will give out before your legs do. By only front squatting, your front squat numbers might go up closer to your back squat numbers but your back squat will not increase much if at...
Took some time off for a trap strain to heal. Second day I come back it's bothering me again. Wtf. Anyone know what's up? Pain in my left trap. Can't hold any significant weight without it bothering me. Hurts during Rdls and front squats. Pull ups don't bother me, neither do back squats. Hurts when when I reach across my body with my right arm. Brachialis maybe?
Some kid in my history class at NYU has a black lamb MDR and its really making me want one. Jacket looked so fucking good.
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