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Ended up being too small for me. Great, smooth fabric that drapes well and awesome print, what more can you ask of a t-shirt? Retails for something stupid like $90. Measurements: Pit to pit: 20.5 Length: 29" Add $5 for shipping. Pm for international.
If anyone needs something that they can't get on the site, I'm available to proxy, to Canada as well.
Serratus anterior stuff to work on my scap stability. Plus rotator cuff stuff. Apparently the pain was just from disfuction of my scapula and the surrounding muscles tightening up.
Just saw a chiro/physical therapist today that reads Tnation and likes Brett Contreras. Turns out my upper back problem is from a lack of scapular stability and a weak ass serratus anterior.
math is hard.
Anyone know how sizing on passarella death squat t shirts work? I just picked up a supposed men's large off of ebay but it is too small for me and I'm a true medium/large. The sleeves kind of make it seem like a women's shirt.
he's a manlet, I'm not surprised.
I'd hang out with you guys if I was older...
will definitely be there even though I just bought an airplane ticket to Brazil and I'm broke.
So I think I have a slipped rib, couldn't do anything involving my torso. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm planning on seeing a chiropractor for this. First bro-day since before I seriously started lifting: barbel curls, reverse curls, hammer curls, tricep extensions, leg press, leg curls, abductor machine, glute machine. I don't know how people do this stuff and not get bored. I didn't even count my reps for anything.
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