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All, I'm in need of a recommendation for a dark blue blazer/jacket to wear primarily with a nice pair of Jeans. I'm looking to spend up to $400. I would prefer double vent, single breasted. Any suggestions? Thanks Danny
Question...Was in Off 5th today and noticed a Saks 5th Ave suit with a sleeve tag that said "Cloth by ermenegildo zegna"...i think it means that Saks makes the Suit using Zegna that correct? so its not a true Zegna suit? it was marked down from $1299 to $ it a decent deal?
no responses?
Looking for some advice from the pros... I think its about time i graduated from the knapsack to a real work bag. I need it to go well with both a suit and my more often uniform of nice jeans and a Thomas Pink shirt/navy blazer...LA business caual! looking to spnd up to $400. The bag needs to be able to hold some files and my VAIO 11 inch Laptop... Thanks so much, DK
Hey, what do you guys think of the Tumi Sundance Encino bag?
Please help...I love the Cole Haan Air grady Moc..but apparently its been discontinued. I spoke to Cole haan and even said I would buy a used pair from them and fix them up...Does anyone know where i can find a pair. Need a size 10...
Guys, Romeo is not only an amazing talented taiolr, but a really nice guy too. The suit he fixed for me fits perfectly. Im heading over there right now to get some other work done.
I went to see Romeo yesterday...super nice guy... total cost of alterations...$185 lots of work for him to do...
does anyone have a really good tailor in the San Diego area who can take in a suit for me. The suit is a 46 and i need it to fit as a 44. Thanks DK
details from the suit in question... tag on back of neck...says Made in Canada White tag on inside over right inside breast pocket says "Calvin Klein" (black on White) Tage over Left inside breast pocket says 100% Wool, pure new wool WOOLMARK. This is really sad.
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