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Quote: Originally Posted by fredfred 1) During the week - Scan newspapers and weekly papers for events that will be happening on Weekend 2) Have a good restaurant or two in mind (one fun, one very good food) 3) Go to Tryst in Adams Morgan during the afternoon on Sat/Sun 4) Find some girl who is interesting & strike up a conversation about that book she is reading 5) Early in the conversation, drop that you are going to this "cool (insert type here)...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Hang out with the President. I hear he's a nice guy. Maybe you can meet him at Five Guys or something. I think he prefers Ray's Hell burgers to Five guys based on his last burger outing..
I recently took a 3 year work assignment in DC. I'm busy during the weekdays but bored as hell during Friday and Saturday evenings. Yes, I admit I have no social life. The only friends I managed to make are some coworkers that are married and don't want anything to do with a single guy on weekends. I joined a health club and there are several meetup groups that I checked out but there is little to offer for making the most out of weekend evenings. I do most of my...
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be checking out
Is it considered tacky to mount a painting on a wooden frame with glass? If so, what type of artwork would look good with a wooden frame and glass? I have this wooden frame that I used to put my diploma in. It's a nice frame and am wondering what type of artwork I should put in it (print, oil painting, watercolor, etc...). Any suggestions? Also, any ideas where to purchase artwork online? I'm looking for something of a specific size and don't really want to spend...
thanks for the comments. Doesn't sound like everyone is loving the Quoddys? Is it the color/craftmanship? I have a pair of their boat shoes and can't complain about the quality.
I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of these I wonder if black loafers would look good with khakis or would the contrast be too sharp? The look would be rolled up khakis and no socks. Thanks.
Basic question here, I have a pair of APC NS that I bought a few years ago. I haven't washed them yet. I don't wear them daily but every so often. What's the recommended method for the first clean? Should I soak them or just have them dry cleans?
I've lost some weight since I bought the coat. I can take a few inches off the length and at the arms but there is nothing I can do about the shoulder seam.
Quote: Originally Posted by phreak yes the coat needs to be tailored... Which part, length, arm length?
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