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Anyone got a line on some red wings on the low? (With it being Presidents' Day weekend and all)
Any places to cop at a discount for Valentine's? Looking for XXL gear
First, using Credit Karma does not affect your credit score. Also, it uses a different scoring system than what credit issuers use so take their scores with a grain of salt as they are only an approximation.Now that that's out of the way, it really depends on what sort of rewards or benefits you are after. Also depends on your spending habits. Out of all the cards I have, the most well rounded one is my Chase Sapphire Preferred. It has a stellar price protection policy...
please post said code (or better yet, one that works) for EastdaneEDIT: someone beat me to it
Costa Rica advice? Planned on seeing monteverde, arenal, cahuita, puerto viejo, etc..
seconded.. hook up a bomber and/or chore jacket please!
Official Customs, Duties, and International Shipping Questions and Stories Thread
Ugh I wish my keirins fit properly. I need a smaller size. Holler if anyone has a pair of 34's lying around!
I have two pairs of Outlier Keirin Cuts for sale. Both are size 35 waist. One is black and the other is indigo. For additional details/measurements, please refer to their website: No stains, rips, or tears or anything on either pair of pants as they were only worn a handful of times each. In like new condition. Lost some weight and now they're too big! Asking $160 $140 $120 each (last price drop)
Damn. Yeah that shit is extremely irritating and basically makes it to where I can never pack them for trips.
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