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Damn. Yeah that shit is extremely irritating and basically makes it to where I can never pack them for trips.
how are you guys keeping your outlier dress shirts wrinkle free? namely the NE pivot and blazed cotton shirts. As soon as they get out the dryer they are wrinkled and an iron won't do shit for it. Do you actually iron them while wet each time you wash them?
That's not specific to the keirin cut. This is common for all outlier gear unfortunately
I need more loosies in my life. So incredibly comfortable
Sadly, Outlier said they weren't gonna do 3WL's this summer (or possibly ever again?) on twitter. Also google 'outlier discontinued' because they put some shit up at a discount
My 60/30 loosies rule!! Perfect for someone who likes keirins or nycos.
Do the Cali short sleeves shrink at all? Are they any easier to iron than the blazed cotton? Shit is a pain in the ass if you don't iron them damp
Got a pair of the grey reikons (L) that are going back. The fuck. They don't feel sturdy whatsoever.. made of a super lightweight windbreaker type fabric that feels like they could rip at any second. Also, these have too short of an inseam (I'm 6') and the cargo pockets don't even have a way to close securely--the pockets are straight up flaps. This is my first isaora purchase and if it's any indication of what their other products are like then I won't be making another...
Those judo/reikon pants look comfy. Got a better fit pic? Anyone know where to cop these or voronois on the low?
anyone got a line on some Norse Projects gear? U.S. retailers preferred..
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