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Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith Here's some more taken around Oakville: I'd love to own one of these, in British racing green.
Let me give you something you can use: http://www.investorguide.com/brokers-comparison.cgi I personally like TD Ameritrade, so take that for what it's worth.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSN125 Isn't this like an insurance premium? i.e. if you fail we will bail you out and you must pay us something to take that risk... It's not. Think about it; I'm too lazy to explain it to you.
It's actually unclear to me, from reading the article, whether the Belgians decided to leave or they were ordered to leave. That said, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, as it's evident that those who wanted to stay, i.e. Dr. Gupta and a Haitian nurse, were allowed to stay behind. It's also quite douchebaggery that they packed up their medical supplies and power generators.
Only $28.8M, down from $42M, with free engine (but no free shipping). Both the Atlantis and the Endeavour are available. Some assembly required. Inquiries should be directed to kopaspaceflyer@nasa.gov.
Them are some hideous bikes, especially the Giant one.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Harsh dude, harsh. +1. That was nasty and totally uncalled for. Conne might be teh ghey and has a thing for geriatric pron, but he didn't deserve to be called out like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Ferrari Enzo speed, Porsche Cayman money: [IMG]http://www.dragtimes.com/images/11613-2006-Ariel-Atom.jpg[IMG] With all the money you've saved, you could certainly afford a really nice coffin after you've been run over by the average grandma's cross-over. Oh, I forgot:
How about a Motorola Droid? Great phone, great network. You don't have to buy an Apple product on one hand, and aren't stuck with a shit browser on the other. Given the horror stories I've heard about the Nexus One, I'm 100% glad I didn't jump on that bandwagon.
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