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Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Started using a French press recently. Question: How long should I let it steep before pressing? It's not an exact science because different people prefer different degrees of boldness/bitterness. I usually let mine steep for about 10 minutes, sometimes longer if I'm in the mood and/or have time. Make sure you stir up the coffee immediately after pouring in the water so that it doesn't just all settle at...
Quote: Originally Posted by Montrachet iGent does graffiti
I've been on a Vietnamese coffee kick lately. I get different varieties of whole beans from these people: I don't do it Vietnamese style, i.e., slow drip, but just dial back a bit either with a French press or a Cuisinart coffee machine when I'm pressed for time in the morning. The coffee goes into a Nissan thermos and it stays warm for 7-8 hours.
You just rolled yourself.
I went ahead with a Zune HD order this morning (for my gf). Amazon sells the 16Gb version for $180, plus they give you a $20 gift cert. for free. She's a music lover, and the Zune Pass will give her all the music she could ever want. I'll also get to download/stream whatever I want with the same account. That just makes sense to me. I might get one for myself too, but haven't committed yet. In the same day, I've also decided my next phone will be a Motorola Droid. ...
PSA: Bing currently has 30% cashback for purchases with eBags which, as you would've guessed it, carries a decent selection of Filson bags. As a bonus, eBags also gives you $25 to spend on your next order. Click here, then find the link for eBags. So, a Filson 256 works out to be $136.5 before shipping. Not bad...
The front LEDs look fucking stupid. They're stupid on all the other Audis and they're stupid on this flagship. What's next? Clear tail lights to go with them? Otherwise, it's a bland looking car, just like previous A8s. But having hauled ass on a prior S8 model, I know it'll definitely haul ass.
I'm looking at a Zune HD right now. It's really a nice piece of work. Wifi with a usable browser is included. And the creme de la creme: Zune Pass. For $15/mo you can download/stream all the music you want, and you also get 10 DRM-free songs to keep per month. BTW, it also has FM HD. I can't talk myself out of getting one. Amazon has the 16Gb on sale now for $189.
Paypal, because I simply don't trust little mom and pop shops to protect my CC or bank account #s. Even though there are many faults with PP, they're probably a little better at the security/fraud thing.
RIP. My sincerest condolences to you and your family.
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