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Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube so, mikey, when you take a job with a sort of public aspect to it, will you have to curtail your posts here? It would be horrible if some wag were to find your StyleForvm persona, make it known to your employer (or the opposing candidate) and have it cause a problem. You know blackmailing is a federal crime, non? BTW, how do you quickly download someone's poasts? This copy/save thing is making me...
Do it Conne, you'll gain experience that'll make you worth your weight in gold. If you can delivery the voats, you'll always be needed by somebody (not to mention Princeton Law will love you!).
Quote: Sex, vigorous effort 105 129 Hmmm...I swear there's a zero missing at the end.
Cape Cod's Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper is my crack.
It was fun to look at her in Transformer 1, but she has...umm...transformed into such a twat. Maybe there's a role for her in Tomb Raider XXVII, after AJ retires.
Schwweeetttt. Stick is the only way to fly.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus pigs feet in bun bo hue are amazing. also there is this shredded pig ear salad with shredded papaya and spicy beef jerky that my mom used to buy a long time ago. i forgot what it was called. maybe DNW might know. pig's feet, especially in bun bo hue It's just a papaya salad with shredded pig's ear for crunch and gelatinous texture. I also love this dish. Man, is there a more perfect animal than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I don't know what to make tonight. Try fresh sausage.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy its actually a sea otter (supposedly) but unfortunately it wasn't included with the frame You didn't get to keep the suit after taking delivery of the frame?!? So...after the ghey pron and this, are we seeing the more sensitive side of acidboy?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Balud (chicken egg with highly developed fetus) with a durian sorbet. It was fucked up. Had it in Singapore. Both my favorites. In terms of out there food, I think the weirdest I've ever eaten was bee larvae. I actually liked it quite a bit.
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