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Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy man, I saw that in your website and I'd love to try that out... one thing though we don't get lime here often, would a lemon or some acidic citrus be suffice? Don't you have access to kaffir limes?
That thing doesn't look very stable at high driving speeds. But I suppose you can just take off at 80mph anyway.
I have ENGO blister patches inside my running shoes. Since having them, I have only the slightest of blisters even when I run full force, which is a huge contrast to before these patches. I wouldn't go back to pre-ENGO days, where even moderate running produced blisters that took days to heal.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern 1. Find matt 2. ?? 3. ?????!? 4. .. 5. Profit! Best. Plan. Ever.
Use this:
I use 4 passwords that basically satisfy 99% of the requirements I've come across. So far, they've worked for me. Obviously, my banking and other financial accounts have passwords that are different from everything else. So, about half a dozen passwords for everything. Passwords are the new phone numbers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser The willingness of an employer to pay for a flight is inversely proportional to the attractiveness of the job being offered. When I was in law school, I paid out of pocket for flights to Portland, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Cincinnati to interview for federal judicial clerkships. Didn't get any of those positions. Think of all the shoes you could've bought.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas FTFY Sometimes I edit mine to make them more potent, bro.
My washer & dryer don't do porcelain.
Quote: Originally Posted by bBoy JEe I'm assuming Parmgiano Reggiano? And not Kraft "Parmesan"? He can't even spell K.r.a.f.t.
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