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It's an ugly red headed stepchild, but I'll take a covertible. Oh yeah, it's a midget.
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 There's a difference though, if I knew poasting my picture would generate a massive thread, that would be different than posting in WAYWT and getting minimal responses. I am now done with this thread. Fuck the op, FUCK YOU. You're just jealous she's getting moar attention than you.
Quote: Originally Posted by KJT huh. for 15 bucks maybe it's worth picking up. GrillinFool - you with me?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Yea, I don't want to start thinking that I need some really high end components. I have enough expensive hobbies in my life. The frame is made of CRMO and is 10.8 kg, so it's right under 25 lbs. as you predicted. I'll have to check it out in person. CrMo is steel, which is stronger and heavier than aluminum, but also gives you a more compliant ride.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Ah, okay. Felt alright to me, but I'm a newb when it comes to bicycles and it may be awkward over the long run. Would appreciate some actual advice, considering the situation. The other one that I was fond of is a bit cheaper at 48,000 JPY, from TokyoBike This bike looks pretty good to me. The components are on the lower end, but that's to be expected for bikes at this price range. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Under what pretenses? The fact that it's "designer"? That bike is all form over function. The riding position looks very awkward to me.
I hate designer bikes.
It was a perfect morning for a 20 mile ride. First long ride in a while. Felt great and wasn't a slowpoke as I thought I would be.
Park in Astoria, take the train back. Or, just park in Manhattan and don't pay, and hope that NY doesn't have reciprocity with your state.
Who needs money when you have that mind.
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