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According to my records, 70% of regular employers did not communicate at all after receiving my resume. Law firms did much better, 65% actually sent paper non-interest letters via the mail which, IMO, was a colossal waste of resource.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh ^ More pics here including one of the owner I want to stick a fork in hot sauce, when poke my eyes out with said fork.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I will give you personal cooking classes for very good beejs. FTFY
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 It's light, it's nimble, it's fast. And it's sitting in my garage. (But it only has mounts for one bottle.) Nice. I used to have something similar, a Specialized Sirrus. It was a great general city bike and I miss it sometimes.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ip4>*
No. NYC is probably #1.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire That was Mrs. Piob's plate. She doesn't like a lot of sauce. My sprouts were drenched in it Props to Mrs. Piob for liking teh oxtails. I can't get my gf to eat them (or veal, or bunnies, or cornish hens). and I've used both and prefer for ease of registration and low price. GoDaddy also spams too much.
Quote: The resort from across the bay. The three towers were based on a deck of cards, according to designer Moshe Safdie A hotel on a deck of cards? What kind of PR operations do they have here?
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I have oxtails braising. TS, that burger looks incredibly good. Edit: Finished. I oxtails. (needs a little more love (aka sauce), though)
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