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Sipping on my 3rd glass of Temptation bourbon. Glad to see many of you still drink alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by BoomDiggs When installing your own pedals, how important is it that one acutally put grease of the threads before installing? Is my only risk that i won't be able to back the pedal back out if/when I want a new one? No need to. The pedals are designed so that every stroke tightens the grip. Unless you pedal backward, all the time...I wouldn't worry about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy here's an interesting article on dubya and his new bike http://reviews.mtbr.com/blog/niner-b...-presidential/ Notwithstanding his presidential legacy, Dubya seems like a cool dude to kick back with.
playboy is worthless
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins Sadly, it's not on the production company website yet, probably because they think homeless don't have internet access. They should tell that to the homeless man I saw by the Transbay Terminal sitting with 3 shopping carts while using his laptop. Perhaps you can move to DC and work for this guy. He appears to pay on time! http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/b...ington-county/
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter that said, the fences were built not on the actual line, but several meters away from the line. Why? If I was on the other side, a young lad in charge of shooting the enemy, I'd shoot the bastard who crosses over the fence. Non?
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy there is always the corruption option ... as an update: the only thing missing now are the shifters... my LBS told me they're working on it. So...when is ceramic braking coming to MTBs?
I'm curious, is the Blue Line really painted blue? How could anyone tell which side of the line he's on?
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Oh you know I love you, ya big homo. Will you take a check, or just cash?
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