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For some more predistressed jeans, I recently saw Kuro on Cultizm. Might be a nice choice
@darkmatter: well then just try to wear them for a while. usually the waistband stretches back to raw measurements on unsanforized denim. since you found them at a thrift store, I guess you don't care about "losing value" on those jeans by wearing them a little bit.
I refered to the guy with the Roy jeans. I wrote my comment veeeery slowly and in between came the guy with the PBJ
@darkmatter7: first of all they will shrink as they are unsanforized. so maybe you should size up
^ ahem...a yarn with #0 is the thickest
Same mother, different father. Denime 66XX
this is pure ignorance!90% of the people around here would give an arm or leg to be able to just drive 40 minutes to check out the stuff they are interested in in person
lined back pockets are mostly done on special editions or collabs. s5000bk is a regular cut and so no lined back pockets s5000bkb was first introduced this year but also no lined back pockets (AFAIK) if the Black shadow or BKII don't have lined back pockets, then Gordon from BiG didn't ask for it.
the S5000BKB is another option. S5000 cut (mid/low rise, straight leg) with a denim using black warp and weft.
He reminded me of whatever123
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