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 Relevant, from the top of reddit right now:   I agree on all counts, but the look is still pretty good. Could be even better with the changes you suggest.   More "spoiler-coded 'cos it's casual" gear, ft. another of my new super-summery Luxire linen shirts:  [[SPOILER]]
 Monkeyface's story & photo reminded me: last time I was at a beach, I was in a suit too. I think. Might have been an odd jacket & tie. Can't remember for sure. I'd been working that day and a colleague & I had a couple of spare hours before dinner and since we happened to be working near a nice beach and it was a sunny day, it would have been a shame not to go. The point behind this random anecdote is that clothes are ultimately just clothes. If you end up needed to adapt...
 This iis really fantastic. Great to see some more summery shirts!!    Another new Luxire shirt (cream herringbone; really nice fabric. Hasn't been washed/ironed yet so a bit rumpled in places), and a green knit tie for this week's Challenge: 
Some neat-o stuff in the thread already. Let's add a green knit:  
 Nice outfit, dunno 'bout the pose tho' dude. Talking of dodgy poses...  [[SPOILER]]   (spoilered 'cos is pretty casual. Of note: new peach coloured Luxire shirt with coconut buttons. Loving it!)
 No lulz for you; the bleach worked.
 Well, the re-wash didn't work, so they're currently sitting in warm water & bleach, in the vague hope that might do the trick. I have my doubts... If it doesn't work, sure, I'll snap some pics, for the lulz. To be honest it isn't such a problem if the s/sleeve shirt stays pale mint green; I have plenty of white linen or cotton/linen shirts, so having a pale mint one too is fine. It's an exceptionally even & beautiful dye job, for what it's worth! The mandarin shirt,...
So, I just did something very stupid...   Remember that lovely new Persian green shirt?   In it went into the washing machine, along with several other shirts. Including two white shirts (one s/sleeve white linen Loro Piana, and a new Luxire mandarin collar one). You can guess the results... the white shirts are now a delightful shade of pale minty green! Hoping against hope that a second wash with some stain remover might whiten them up. Might go for a little bleach...
Overcast Monday. Shirt is new, so forgive it being slightly rumpled. Once it has its first wash & press, it shrinks ver so slightly, but just enough to correct the slight collar overlap and a few other things that might be less obviously visible...  
Too late to be an entry, but I think my outfit today would have been a decent England-ish fit, esp. giving the sporting connotations of the blazer:  
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