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Worn today without knowing the challenge theme, cotton Post Imperial tie. I think it's summery, and obviously the overall fit is, but feel free to DQ if the tie is deemed too dark:  
Gloriously hot summer's day, so when better to wear a cream linen suit...  
 Used to have a shirt with a virtually identical pattern; nightmare to pair with anything barring solid-ish navy ties. Didn't wear it much as a result.  The difference was the other light jacket wasn't this one, right? Wasn't it a pale blue or something? Might be misremembering... but I don't think it was a grey houndstooth. Anyway, I do think a light tie can work with this jacket too, but not with that kind of pattern. I used to have a pale grey similarly-scaled...
Not my cup of tea for multiple reasons including aesthetic & material (and possibly construction though that's harder to tell from pics). Depending on price point, they look as if might fill a niche for others' wardrobes. Mind you, I think I buy fewer than one pair of shoes a year on average these days, so not exactly a target customer!!  
Crusty/Claymore all the way!
Thanks for the interesting link. To answer the thread title I would say, "Almost certainly not."   I've heard the thesis before, but to my mind it's belied by the vast amount of evidence to suggest that humanity enjoyed keeping up with changing aesthetic tastes in clothes, accessories and homewares for millennia prior to the Renaissance. You simply need to go to any reasonably large/broad museum and observe the changes chronologically for yourself.   What is more...
Reflects my age, but rolled up billowy shirts and high waisted loose trouserss will always equal awesome 80s summer style to me.   Remember Cocktail? Which of you didn't want to look as cool as Tom Cruise & Bryan Brown at the beach?   Examples:        
 I don't know whether this applies to many, but for me, clothes are entertainment. Entertainment comes in a huge variety of forms. Sometimes, you can be entertained by a complex introspective play. Sometimes, it's a brainless sitcom. As long as you're entertained I refuse to acknowledge that one is a superior artform to the other, unless you model the purpose of the medium to be something other than entertainment. Clothes have less substance than even the most imbecilic...
 Thanks. I hardly ever get to wear such light coloured shoes, so took the opportunity. The red polo is a bit golf coursey, I suppose. By the way, for the entire thread: I just read that Anne Hollander died last week. Sad news. If you haven't read Seeing Through Clothes, I highly recommend it.
 I very much agree that dots/spots/neats and all their kith & kin look best when arranged in diagonals. I've raised the point before. You will get some people strongly agreeing and some people never even noticing the alignment until its pointed out. It's always interesting to realise that we all see the world so differently. Anyway, today:  Plus a couple more casual fits from recent days, not yet posted:  [[SPOILER]]
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