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Guys, just to make my life easy, if you post multiple fits for discussion, please also make it crystal clear as to which you want me to use in the poll. I'm only going to select one image from each of you for the shortlist summary.   Also, re: how people vote... Well, that's entirely up to them. They might decide the challenge concept is silly, and simply vote for the fit they like most. Or they might go totally the other way and pick an outfit that they think best...
I better participate in my own challenge!     Vaguely 80s-ish, tamed slightly with some more classic touches, and with a much improved fit from what I used to wear... but still a bit flashy! And of course, black shoes with a navy suit!!
Friday Challenge x-post:  
Re: time constraint. I think you have the most chance of showing us a fit that demonstrates a peak awareness of your style if it's recent, given that style does evolve a bit over time, if only slowly. So, ideally, it should be from this week. Plus, it's just plain more fun to use the challenges as inspiration to put something together rather than just trawl through the archives. (However, if that's well & truly genuinely impractical, shall we say something from within the...
NEW FRIDAY CHALLENGE IS UP:   You at your You-iest!   (Have fun, and thanks for your votes on the last one)
Simple challenge this week. But simultaneously very difficult. I'm full of fake paradoxes like that. Think of me as a cut-price Yoda. So here it is: You at your You-iest [[SPOILER]]  Thank you all for getting into the spirit of things and submitting such high quality entries! YOUR CONTESTANTS:  
 I do. Sort of. It's something easy enough for almost anyone to submit an entry, even if they're pretty new to SF. It's also very difficult at the same time (if the aim is to get votes), if you do it honestly. Just have to think a bit about how to phrase it right and then I'll get a thread up.  EDIT: new challenge is up!!
In the pink (shirt):  
Well, well, thanks for the votes so far fellas. Bit surprised to be in the running considering the tie is so dark, but I guess its casual nature & the rest of the fit counterbalances that. It wasn't actually worn with the challenge theme in mind, but submitted anyway half in expectation of getting dq'ed for the dark tie. Amongst others, I voted for Seajen and FlyingMonkey. Suprised his very summery outfit, esp. that shade of blue in the tie, isn't higher up the list.
 Thanks. I actually prefer some elements of SVB's interpretation below - and vice versa - but I'm happy with my version too.   Between this & your summer tie look, you're having a great week of outfits!    Not dressed remotely in anything approaching smart tailoring today, so spoilering the casual fit pic. A little work over lunchtime, and then took the afternoon off to visit the zoo! Well, technically they call themselves a wildlife park but I think most people still...
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