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Simple challenge this week. But simultaneously very difficult. I'm full of fake paradoxes like that. Think of me as a cut-price Yoda. So here it is: You at your You-iest [[SPOILER]]  Thank you all for getting into the spirit of things and submitting such high quality entries! YOUR CONTESTANTS:  
 I do. Sort of. It's something easy enough for almost anyone to submit an entry, even if they're pretty new to SF. It's also very difficult at the same time (if the aim is to get votes), if you do it honestly. Just have to think a bit about how to phrase it right and then I'll get a thread up.  EDIT: new challenge is up!!
In the pink (shirt):  
Well, well, thanks for the votes so far fellas. Bit surprised to be in the running considering the tie is so dark, but I guess its casual nature & the rest of the fit counterbalances that. It wasn't actually worn with the challenge theme in mind, but submitted anyway half in expectation of getting dq'ed for the dark tie. Amongst others, I voted for Seajen and FlyingMonkey. Suprised his very summery outfit, esp. that shade of blue in the tie, isn't higher up the list.
 Thanks. I actually prefer some elements of SVB's interpretation below - and vice versa - but I'm happy with my version too.   Between this & your summer tie look, you're having a great week of outfits!    Not dressed remotely in anything approaching smart tailoring today, so spoilering the casual fit pic. A little work over lunchtime, and then took the afternoon off to visit the zoo! Well, technically they call themselves a wildlife park but I think most people still...
Worn today without knowing the challenge theme, cotton Post Imperial tie. I think it's summery, and obviously the overall fit is, but feel free to DQ if the tie is deemed too dark:  
Gloriously hot summer's day, so when better to wear a cream linen suit...  
 Used to have a shirt with a virtually identical pattern; nightmare to pair with anything barring solid-ish navy ties. Didn't wear it much as a result.  The difference was the other light jacket wasn't this one, right? Wasn't it a pale blue or something? Might be misremembering... but I don't think it was a grey houndstooth. Anyway, I do think a light tie can work with this jacket too, but not with that kind of pattern. I used to have a pale grey similarly-scaled...
Not my cup of tea for multiple reasons including aesthetic & material (and possibly construction though that's harder to tell from pics). Depending on price point, they look as if might fill a niche for others' wardrobes. Mind you, I think I buy fewer than one pair of shoes a year on average these days, so not exactly a target customer!!  
Crusty/Claymore all the way!
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