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Couple of recent casual fits. The first I've spoilered as it's definitely too casual for this thread; it was a bit of an experiment but I'm actually fairly happy with it. The second I think is CM enough to leave as an inline image:   [[SPOILER]]   
FRIDAY CHALLENGE POLL NOW UP!   Voting ends Tuesday midnight GMT. Good luck to all, and thank you all for a large field of high-quality - and thoughtful - entries!
POLL IS NOW UP!   Thank you for all your entries; I really enjoyed seeing them all. VOTE NOW!!
 yup, you can. While I'd certainly prefer it if you did one this week, as I said upthread, if there's an older one that you feel really sums you up, then go for it. I did mention something about it being within the last couple of months or so, but given seasonal shifts, I guess I can't really argue against an A/W instead of S/S pic either. Call me a pushover! I have to say, I'm truly delighted so many are metaphorically letting their hair down and showing us sartorial...
Floral day...  
Guys, just to make my life easy, if you post multiple fits for discussion, please also make it crystal clear as to which you want me to use in the poll. I'm only going to select one image from each of you for the shortlist summary.   Also, re: how people vote... Well, that's entirely up to them. They might decide the challenge concept is silly, and simply vote for the fit they like most. Or they might go totally the other way and pick an outfit that they think best...
I better participate in my own challenge!     Vaguely 80s-ish, tamed slightly with some more classic touches, and with a much improved fit from what I used to wear... but still a bit flashy! And of course, black shoes with a navy suit!!
Friday Challenge x-post:  
Re: time constraint. I think you have the most chance of showing us a fit that demonstrates a peak awareness of your style if it's recent, given that style does evolve a bit over time, if only slowly. So, ideally, it should be from this week. Plus, it's just plain more fun to use the challenges as inspiration to put something together rather than just trawl through the archives. (However, if that's well & truly genuinely impractical, shall we say something from within the...
NEW FRIDAY CHALLENGE IS UP:   You at your You-iest!   (Have fun, and thanks for your votes on the last one)
New Posts  All Forums: