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 I like, I like.  I'm probably just mentally scarred by one of the speakers at that conference I mentioned in my last post; one of the speakers gave a presentation on trends in cosmetic female genital surgery. There's only so many slides of this you can take before going quietly crazy.
 SuitSupply Soho.  Yeah, the lapels are a bit large; ideally they'd be both slimmer and have less belly. crusty, I think Freud would have much to say about proudly displayed large curved flappy lapels. Something about echoing certain parts of women's anatomy, probably...  I have a mix of cheap, relatively fashionable RTW (SS Soho, Havana & Napoli), and more traditional English bespoke (Ede & Ravenscroft) with a few Ede MTM pieces still sprinkled in as well. The Ede stuff...
New suit (rtw only), first wearing:  
stitchy, thank you so much for such a fascinating and comprehensive reply. It really is very interesting, and answered a few other questions I never knew I had as well.
^ Nice gag, but I would disagree strongly. Authenticity is incredibly important in clothes. It's what separates us from runway models. That and the physique...   But seriously, whether you go for a stripped-down minimalist style or a dandy ornate one or something else entirely, you have to feel comfortable (speaking psychologically, not physically) in your clothes, I think. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to reflect your life (that's conformity or perhaps...
Rudals: thanks for the feedback on my thoughts, but please let's not turn this into another sterile SF meta discussion; that wasn't my intent. I only wanted to put forth another perspective on certain items/outfits. It can stand or fall on its own merits without a broader introspective into SF's direction!     Re: your outfit today, I think this is the second time I've seen you sport a twin-peak pocket hanky fold. How do you like it? Think you'll stick with it?
^ concept is great, and I like the shirt. Hat might be slightly big on you? Or at least, the crown might be slightly too high relative to the brim width? Something about the proportion isn't quite right IMO, but it's not far off.
I really don't like navy suits with tan shoes. It looks quite flashy, and not in a fun/good way.   If you really, really must combine light brown shoes with a blue suit my tips would be these:   - only do it on the sunniest days of the year - only do it with a blue suit that is at least a couple of shades brighter than navy (and preferably much lighter still) - only do it within a reasonably casual outfit/setting   I almost always wear black shoes with navy suits....
thumbed for the entertainment value, stitchy!   Actually, if you had a panama, the tie-less version would have rocked with it. Navy straw hat also. Cream trousers with either headwear option and it would have been even better.   Srs question: how much leeway do most reasonably observant Jews have in yarmulke choice? Can you have different ones for different outfits, or is there a more prescriptive range?
 I see. That is different. I think you could conceivably take a working-class spin on this if you really want to go down the industrial road. I know I've seen John Hurt wearing something on a red carpet night that might work... let me see if I can google it up... yes, here we are:   Obviously, you'd have to improve each item a bit in terms of fit/design, but the concept of a black shirt, french worker's style overshirt/jacket and black trousers with black shoes (possibly...
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