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 No, but I wouldn't be particularly surprised if it was made by the same supplier. IIRC, there are very few knit tie makers. I can't actually remember where I got that one from; somewhere online I think, maybe KJ Beckett? I know I have a few knits from that shop, anyway.
 I have at least one pair of horsebits (can't remember if more!) and only wear them casually. But they are dark brown suede, so they would be difficult to do formally. However, black calf horsebits do have a niche within a certain laid back but suited style. It might be perceived as a bit 80s retro, but hey, that's no bad thing in my book.  That particular jacket is most definitely cut for both buttons to be done up. It would look all kinds of wrong if only one were...
This has been a surprisingly good contest so far. I was expecting trainwreck after trainwreck, but the most we've had is the "wrong kind of leaves on the line" sort of disruption.
I frequently wear dark, two-button, peak-lapel suits to smart but fun evening events that fall short of black tie but demand more than an odd jacket & trousers. With the peaks, they hint at some formality but are different enough from typical business suits to lend some festivity to this sort of occasion.
 I know what must surely be the same set of Alzheimer's self-portraits. It's quite tragic; the visual representation of the fragmentation of self-image is striking. As for the female surgery, let's just say that we worry about some weird things, as a species.  What's your field, btw?
 I like, I like.  I'm probably just mentally scarred by one of the speakers at that conference I mentioned in my last post; one of the speakers gave a presentation on trends in cosmetic female genital surgery. There's only so many slides of this you can take before going quietly crazy.
 SuitSupply Soho.  Yeah, the lapels are a bit large; ideally they'd be both slimmer and have less belly. crusty, I think Freud would have much to say about proudly displayed large curved flappy lapels. Something about echoing certain parts of women's anatomy, probably...  I have a mix of cheap, relatively fashionable RTW (SS Soho, Havana & Napoli), and more traditional English bespoke (Ede & Ravenscroft) with a few Ede MTM pieces still sprinkled in as well. The Ede stuff...
New suit (rtw only), first wearing:  
stitchy, thank you so much for such a fascinating and comprehensive reply. It really is very interesting, and answered a few other questions I never knew I had as well.
^ Nice gag, but I would disagree strongly. Authenticity is incredibly important in clothes. It's what separates us from runway models. That and the physique...   But seriously, whether you go for a stripped-down minimalist style or a dandy ornate one or something else entirely, you have to feel comfortable (speaking psychologically, not physically) in your clothes, I think. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to reflect your life (that's conformity or perhaps...
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