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Still messing around with yellow ties after last week's challenge theme. I always struggle to find a role for this tie. It was a gift, and I appreciate its sentiment, so keep trying to find the right role for it... suggestions welcomed!!     Also, first time wearing this suit. Got it last year but it's a lighter weight so haven't been able to wear it until today.
 This is a really interesting look as worn here with the done-up shirt & brown jacket. Gives off a somewhat early 30s communist/socialist vibe. Not a look I'd ape myself, but it's very interesting to see on an aesthetic level nonetheless. Pair it with laced boots for the full effect?
 If the thread inspires even one SFer to buy a yellow tie, then its subversive work is done.
 Is this the SS Hudson suit? I'm not convinced; it looks a bit awkward on your frame IMO, compared to some of your other stuff from them. Something about the way it curves through the torso and into the skirt looks a bit off. Plus it looks like it buttons really high on you, even for SS.  When I was a kid, we'd sometimes visit Brighton at the weekend. There used to be a really good fish & chips place we always visited there.  The camera flash has given everything a bit of...
 I think that slightly odd linen trousers contest will take some beating in that regard. There aren't a massive number of entries, but there are still some good ones. I like these challenges that subvert some of the received wisdom, even if they're not quite as popular as some others.
I used to have a very dark purple velvet suit. Didn't have satin or grosgrain facings, but the colour/look meant I used it as an ersatz tux for fun dressy events. Probably the most attention-grabbing item of clothing I've ever owned. And I've owned some fairly eye-catching stuff.   If you're going for a deep/dark blue and really want it as a tux, grosgrain facings are probably the way to go. A smoking jacket rather than a regular dinner jacket might work better for such...
 A rare miss from you; scale of tie and shirt patterns clash a bit IMO. Very casual today; not a single tailored item. Image therefore spoilered:  [[SPOILER]]
Congratulations stitchy!!  Hmm. The background shade is the colour of creme anglaise colour, if that's any help? I'd call it pale yellow, personally, although I suppose an argument could be made for calling it cream? But I feel it's a fraction too yellow to really be called that. Also the rings are yellow; sort of like freshly-made ring doughnuts. (Doughnuts & creme anglaise? Now that's a tasty tie, whatever the colour!) I'll wear a more canary shade of yellow tie...
 Oh, right, sorry. Regarding that argument, I do think there's a lot of seasonality in colours. Some shades work better in specific seasons due to both the nature of the colour itself (some shades thrive in sunshine and look drab in lowlight) and the sociocultural assocations it's built up over the years. However, it's a massive & unwarranted step to then say that you shouldn't wear certain colours in certain seasons. It's more that you need to be aware of the impact of...
 I did have a more interesting fit in mind, but it didn't work with that tie. And since I rediscovered it, I wanted to wear it. I might do the more interesting yellow tie fit tomorrow instead.
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