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 Can't tell if this gag is about Boss wearers doing this with the actual label, or a swastika armband reference. Well done, sir. Well done.
 I do like slightly seedy connotations, 'tis true.  I'd second the suggestion of a black tie with this. The just-lighter-than-navy tie and dark brown suit are very strong visual counterpoints, with the white shirt only enhanced the contrast. A black tie would "settle" down the centre of the look, evening things out. Also either a wider collar (to go down an SF route), or a smaller one (for a non-SF look).    Casual day: 
 No worries guys; glad I had the photo handy. It's a very nice colour. I think it works best with lighter trousers: cream, beige, butterscotch, etc. It's also decent against denim. I haven't tried it against grey, but I think it would probably be best against a pretty light grey instead of mid-grey. It's very much a summer jacket, and I prefer it to the other Havana linen (blend) jacket I own. I like how the tobacco colour works with my skin tone and think it's partly...
 Wore it last week: http://www.styleforum.net/t/234255/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iii/78150_50#post_7139990 Close-up pic is more colour-accurate than the slightly washed-out full-length; you're right about it having a coppery undertone.
 Very nice indeed; perhaps buttoning just one more button on the waistcoat would keep it in check a little more when sitting down (it's fine as is when standing), but I really like the overall look.  Congrats; I lol'ed to see you did a stereotypical "SF uniform" post by way of commemoration!  Also, congrats to stitchy on his birthday. What with this, and AAS' anniversary, clearly these are auspicious times...  Make that, "one-of", and I'm on board. It's great.  Great...
 I'm sad; I was offered a police-style stab vest (in a lovely navy shade!) from one of the organisations I do some work for, but its delivery has been put on hold. So no wacky urban paramilitary-inspired shenanigans will be possible. You'll have to settle for a standard 3pc suit look later this week instead.
Had to google "straya".   You know you're getting old when you need urban dictionary at least once or twice a week....
 Yeah, agreed. Tie too quiet for the square. Tips the eye a bit too much to the square. Trouser inseam is a little short given the leg opening, but that's an easy fix.  Would really like this if the tie & square patterns were swapped over. As is, the palette is still very nice. But the pattern balance feels a little off.
Good theme.   I suspect I'll go down the 3pc suit route, but depending on my being able to collect something that's waiting for me, I may be able submit a rather unique entry too...
Yesterday, and both a buttoned & unbuttoned version of this mandarin collar shirt today. Which do you prefer?   (if going unbuttoned again, I'd probably use a differently folded, more colourful square, so leave that bit aside for now)  
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