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 It's scary how similar our builds must be! Glad to see you putting it to very good use. Wear it in good health! It actually looks a bit more proportional on you than it did on me, esp. in terms of where the button falls and how the lapels look as a result.
 One day I'm going to make a very long list of all the sartorial items I despise. Then I'm going to recite the list to lull myself to sleep every night, a la Arya Stark...  
Pingson did say he wanted to burn them all. I think that means he counts as a seconder!  
 Re: #1 - I just think they look wonky most of the time. Re: #2 - technically true, but as Shakespeare, Defoe, Dickens, Trollope & the KJV all happily use "from whence", I feel in decent enough company to continue to use the more poetic and certianly prettier - albeit illogical - construction. And where better than SF to value prettiness over logic! I just googled the issue, and apparently arguments over the propriety of its usage date back the the 14th century! P.S. you...
 Yeah, that would normally be my position, but was inspired by that fit yesterday so dared to attempt again. Will probably return it to the drawer depths from whence it came...  Thanks. It's not bad for RTW; there is a minor issue I'm aware of, that isn't immediately obvious in the snap, but in the main it's pretty decent and for the price, it can't be argued with. The shoes are kind of unusual: they're woven leather mostly but with smooth leather at the toecap, heel and...
 lol, I just did the same whittling-down exercise. Applied the utmost discipline and managed to limit myself to about 5 spread collars and 1 BD to add to my current wishlist of fabrics to get at some point.
 Great, bold tie for this look.   After seeing someone (IIRC Sander) pull off an item I generally dislike - contrast-edged white linen square - I decided to dig my only such square out from the very bottom of the drawer to give it a go again. Very casual fit today, inc. the dreaded polo-under-jacket look.  
Interesting. I happened to wear a hat with polo shirt today. A bit too country-clubbish to be interesting, I suppose, but I may as well enter it anyway!  
 I'm pretty sure I have the middle two, IIRC. They're both OK, but neither is my favourite white from Luxire. I actually prefer teh unbranded Ivory White Broadcloth, though it has the faintest of sheens (and therefore formality) that some may not like.  So much to like here.
 In general, or paired with suede shoes? In general, I am in favour of them. I like them because I find them very useful, filling a lighter-weight niche for casual suits. In the past, without central heating or with a lot of time spent outside, the older, heavier, flannel or tweed options were great. Nowadays, it's nice to have the pattern without the weight. I do still have some of the heavier fabrics (well, fairly light by historical standards, but heavier than most...
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