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DonC got a pic deleted because he was wearing a WWI German military helmet for the Friday Challenge? Holding a 100 year old grudge seems somewhat over the top (if I may be permitted to use the WWI phrase as a pun without similar censure). Especially since it sounds like he did it a tongue-in-cheek response to the theme. If anything, I'd suggest Germans would have more reason to offended by a challenge theme chosen specifically to commemorate D-Day! More generally, carrying...
Chilled-out Monday:  
I'm fortunate not to live somewhere that gets particularly hot & humid, but on the few days that are warm, I find tropical weight wool and linen to both wear much cooler than cotton, at least in terms of jackets. I actually find cotton jackets fairly stifling, but ymmv, I suppose.   Having said that, I agree with David Reeves upthread: if you're considering buying a new summer suit just to cope with 3 months, and you're pretty confident you won't need summer suits in...
 Yes, same here, except in my case, I simply woke up late and then felt like having a day off (benefits of self-employment), so went to watch the Edge of Tomorrow instead. So no reason to dress up, hence subbing in the only moderately formal fit from Thursday instead. I was planning on a more businessy fit for Friday but as I wasn't working, I would have been ridiculously overdressed. In general, I think the challenges are best when you have the whole week to play with,...
No idea, but I googled up an old propangda video on Youtube about the Italian uniforms. You can even see the pattern drafted onto, and then cut from, bolts of cloth in a factory. I don't speak Italian, so can't say for certain whether any designer/firm is mentioned but it doesn't sound like it:  
 Good to have options! ;) I keep meaning to ask them to give me soft plastic ones instead of metal; plastic stays bend slightly giving a good natural arc. I had quite a few spare, but at some point, I'm going to need more so I really should ask Luxire to provide them instead of the metal... as you say, it's an easy thing to forget about when ordering however.
 What's the shirt, please?  Welcome back. It's difficult to be sure from the photo angle, but I think a slightly lower buttoning point and wider lapels would flatter you more. It actually looks fine through the torso, though of course you'd be able to tell the reality of that much better than I, just from wearing it. Casual today, so spoilering:  [[SPOILER]]
Good stuff from everyone so far, and esp. kudos to mimo for wearing a 3pc in that kind of heat.   (38R - one minor nit if going for a full on English look like that: spread collar, not button-down!!)   Going to sneak in yesterday's fit as my entry, under the Thursday waiver. It's not really all that formal (being DB and being light grey and patterned, and worn with brown shoes) but is much more so than what I wore today, so will have to suffice:  
Another outing for this light grey suit, but this time with dark brown instead of black shoes. I think light grey can work with both. Maybe next time, burgundy?  
 Funnily enough, some people these days are spending money on elocution lessons to actually add a few rough edges to an RP accent. It's thought to help if they want to work in certain circles. Horses for courses, I suppose. On average, I still think RP opens more doors than it closes.  Thanks! But no special historical knowledge or authority here, I'm afraid. Merely musings based on my personal experiences and from living here.  You're not the first person to say something...
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