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Continuing to maintain a ghostly presence on the board while I'm back trying to sell a few items that don't fit me so well (any 36S/38S, check out my sales thread ). crusty & Coxsackie both sporting tremendous outfits on this page.   Couple of recent outfits, one relaxed, one a bit more sombre:    
^ It is! But in practice, a bit less so than the description of the fabric might suggest. It's surprisingly versatile, unless you work in a very conservative office, of course.
 Thank you so much for the added visibility! I've since added a couple of photos of the dummy without any garments on, and clarified a few other details. If there's anyone local who wants it, I'm all ears. It's a bit niche, I know, but any budding sellers (or indeed tailors/fitters, amateur or otherwise) will find it invaluable. I know that when I was selling stuff, you could always add a significant premium to your asking price if you took photos of items on a dummy...
Thanks again for the mention.   New photos added of the dummy without any garments on it.   In answer to queries, the dummy's body is polystyrene and has a washable cotton "sleeve" acting as a protective soft covering. It's easy to pin and unpin clothes on it for perfect styling.
Further to PM queries, I've added the chest circumference measurement of 39.5" (pit-to-pit 19.75", doubled) and clarified that these are 100% cotton.   Thanks for your interest! Please get in touch with any more queries, and to purchase.
SOLD - THANK YOU SF!     Refresh your summer wardrobe with a single purchase!   5 (five) Loro Piana polo shirts in a single lot   Size Small   Just £150   Loro Piana polos are some of the finest in the world, the go-to choice for a relaxed but elegant summer vibe. The epitome of discretion, these lack any obvious external branding/logos, unless you choose to pop the collar to reveal the Loro Piana name embroidered in self-colour underneath.   Loro Piana polos...
Thank you for the mention!! :)   It's a bit niche, but maybe there's someone reasonably local to me who's interested & will spot the ad. I suspect not, and it will just eventually go into storage somewhere, but here's hoping...!
 Well, I'm only back here for a few days or so, so I don't think it really counts. I don't post on any other internet forums anymore either. I just felt it would be rude to only come back to sell, without contributing again temporarily also.
Sticking around a few days more, until my sales threads finish...     Tira, would have voted for you, but don't do social media, so not on Facebook. Sorry.
 You know the most troubling thing? Back in the 90s, when the Fast Show was on, I owned exactly the same T-shirt.
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