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Yeah just send it - sounds like he's just an 'antsy andy'. If he gives you neg feedback, keep all your emails handy and send them to eBay while contesting the neg feedback. If you bug the eBay reps enough they will remove neg feedback (they can with a button click, don't listen if they say they cant) as long as you didn't do anything too horrible (theft, blatant misrepresentation etc). If your previous negative feedbacks were fairly recent I would contest them and try...
Done deal! PM me and let me know where to paypal the $$ to =]
maybe! What colour? =)
Trust me (I worked for ebay briefly) just file the claim and relist. This kind of thing happens a million times a day.
The free trade act only works if you can figure out the NAFTA code for your specific item, which can be a big pain in the ass. Best method is to ship with a low declared value, marked as 'gift'. Though you do sacrifice the insurance coverage. And UPS is *horrible* up here - send through Purolator for reliability or the post for value.
Does anyone know if there's a decent dry cleaner around the main+broadway area? There's a few places up on 13th but they look pretty shady.... thanks!
it's fine, try subscribing to the RSS feed if you dont want to scroll through all the older posts / bumps
PM'ed on 2+5
Pm'ed on cheap ties
I'm not so hot on the collar, but the fit of the cego seems much better.
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