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I thoroughly enjoyed this one while watching the Bears actually win a game last Sunday.
I have a ticket to go in a few weeks. Can't wait.
Maybe this belongs in CE? Either way, it is tough to do this by state. If I lived in some bumfuck town in southern Illinois then yes, I would plan to move too.
I wanted to like that one more than I did. I found it pretty underwhelming.
I find Anti-Hero to be just ok, but yes, it is a lot cheaper than hopslam.While I don't think hopslam is quite worth all of the hype it gets, it certainly is a pretty damn good DIPA and is worth it for me to seek out a few six-packs when it comes out.
Did you go to the south loop Binny's? I'm surprised they still had some. I know the downtown and lincoln park locations were sold out.Plum Market at Wells & Division had 7 cases on Thursday night when I stopped in. I got 2 six-packs from them and then another one from Galleria at North and Wells. 3 six-packs is enough for me.
Actually, Binny's in Chicago has some in and I will be picking some up during lunch today.
Good to hear. While it has always been good, I feel like it hasn't been quite as good the last couple of years. Waiting for it to get to Chicago next week.
Had a Three Floyd's Permanent Funeral Saturday night at Rootstock in Chicago. One of the better double IPA's I've had in awhile.
New Posts  All Forums: