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The title makes it sound like a manual for manipulative pricks.
Another forum where I post instituted a "Penalty Box" where certain troublemakers were banished to only one section of the forum where they could throw tantrums to their hearts' content and those who were interested could feed the trolls in a controlled environment. It seems to me Eric Glennie could stand to be confined to his own little playpen if not banned outright.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I don't mean to rush to the end, but can we just get to Vaclava Glennie of Germany and be done with it? They've each gone stale on their own and rather than struggle to come up with a new angle, why not just combine them all. That should be milkable for at least a week. I want to see pictures of Dieter in ass-flap pants at the Astoria beer garden!! Careful what you wish for! This idea of merging...
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril The parts of Japan with all the high-end shopping bored me and depressed me immeasurably. I feel that way about most urban areas in Japan and a great deal of the countryside.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beckwith More color on the area? I feel like this is shopping at the Americana in Manhasset, New York, if you ever wanted a luxury car and didn't want to go from showroom to showroom, this would be a good place to start. Ginza is where you go shopping for everything but cars.
A '56 VW near Meiji Jingu shot with my Leica M6 on Fuji Velvia. It has semaphore turn signals. The American versions would have had "bullet" turn signals mounted on the outside of the fender next to the headlight.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom Also, I think the SC430 Lexus you posted is too fem for me. I preferred the previous body styles of the Soarer. I didn't even know they were different cars, which shows about how much attention I pay to Japanese cars.
This Fiat has got to be one of the ugliest cars ever built.
A Beetle with a trailer hitch and power outlet, and an automatic transmission, no less.
A big old yo-honkin' Thunderbird.
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