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Wow, Zach. Sorry to hear that. Hope you're ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy awwwwww you sound like kwilk Yeah, but I've got twice the balls!
24 hours from now, I will be leaving the office early to fly out to see Her for the first time in two months.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt yup, know that feeling. VNese takes up more space than English, so we get clients sending us these beautifully formatted things with flying boxes and tables and spinny charts and so on, and we're like...option A, a mess, option B tiny font illegible on a screen. Pain in the ass. Exactly. PP is a clusterfuck even at the best of times. Gonna let the guy who gave me this one fuss with the formatting.
Have to translate a PowerPoint presentation. English takes up more space than Japanese = formatting nightmare.
The latest batch of Kodachrome contains photos of her I didn't remember I'd taken.
Dropped my Nikon F2 while drunk a couple of weeks ago (yes, fucking stupid) and did some cosmetic damage to it. Yesterday, I finish the roll of film and discover that I managed to stove in a corner of the housing for the back release latch mechanism and now I can't get the back open to take out my film. On the bright side, the camera was already pretty battered and dinged up, so it's not like I wrecked any of my others, which are mint.
Birfday brunch with the woman of my dreams one week from today.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah And who would that dried out member be? Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube One of conne's girlfriends? The sound you're hearing is the rustling of dessicated nonagenarian labia.
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