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Planning on going to the Shanghai Grand Prix next month and would appreciate any and all related information that might help us optimize our time and get the most enjoyment out of race weekend with the least hassle. And as elegantly as possible. Tentatively staying a the Westin on the Bund. What's the best way to get from the hotel to the race course on race day?
Quote: Originally Posted by em36 Pearls will be more expensive than in Beijing, so skip. Indeed. Restrain any impulse you may feel to purchase your own pearls.
Wool naturally sheds water, unlike cotton, which absorbs it. This is why wool has traditionally been used.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg Clean chest high surf with an empty lineup The stuff dreams are made of! I'm envious.
She bought me a sailboat for my birthday!! . . . For 6 hours. . . . With cherries on top.
This has got to be the ultimate anniversary gift.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Uh... wut? AF type "¢ Contrast detect AF modes "¢ 1-point "¢ 1-point high speed "¢ 11-point "¢ 11-point high speed "¢ Spot "¢ Face detection AF assist lamp Yes AF/MF Focus Mode Chose between AutoFocus (with minimum focus limited to 60cm), AF Macro (minimum focus of 30cm) and Manual Focus. Leica M9 Read & learn. Comparing a camera with autofocus (X-1) to one with which...
Quote: Originally Posted by dpreview Of course the X1's AF is much faster than an M9's WTF moment. The M9 does not, cannot, have AF. M lenses are strictly manual focus. Or is this "irony"?
Wow, this internet thing is complicated.
That's pretty scant information. They've been discussing this camera on the L-Camera Forum on a dedicated subforum since it was announced last September. Enough pics posted that you can get a definite idea. The people who have them seem to really like them.
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