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So you'll be staying in Shinjuku, then? Where?
Epic thread. Will stay aloft on its own.
Easter is April 4th this year.
Would definitely be up for it, Zach. It'll be great to see you again. Anything in particular in mind?
Douglas, thanks again and will do. Good to know about the heavenly beds. Looking forward to that. Too bad about the Bund being closed off, but for a first time trip it will be a fun adventure regardless.
Thanks for your helpful advice! Jodum - This is actually more about she and I spending some precious time together than about the GP. We'll have a good time regardless of how boring it is, believe me. And this will be our first of many GPs around the world, no doubt. trafficjam - About how long will it take given typical traffic conditions? I've been told elsewhere that it's about an hour. Not worried about the tickets. Douglas - Just the kind of advice we need...
She's a veteran of GPs, so I'm sure she knows exactly how fucking boring they are. Shanghai will be a new adventure for us. Advice on what else to do and what to see would be appreciated. Restaurant recommendations are also welcome, particularly authentic Shanghai cuisine.
Went from a dreary, rainy morning here in Tokyo to a gloriously sunny day before noon. Among other things.
Thanks, Thomas. This is just the sort of thing Her Blondeness would wheedle her way into and I'd go gigglingly along for the ride (see avatar pic). Word on the street so far is chauffered rickshaw, figuratively. Any restaurant recommendations? Hey, Shanghai SFers, come out of the woodwork here!
New Posts  All Forums: