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For the same reason that people are advising not to bring up previous relationships in a new one.
Foolish of me never to have anticipated this, but I now bitterly regret ever having posted on the internet anything about any woman, even those with whom I've had the most fleeting infatuation.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Non-medical technology, that is. I think it just adds to stress/ADD. Efficiency does not equal happiness. Go! Just where do you draw the line of what is or isn't medical technology? Ambulances and airlift helicopters are a form of medical technology, and arguably by extention all vehicles and aircraft. How about upstream industries that produce the materials such as plastics and metals used in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherman90 Why are you guys eating this shit - and then talking about it? So the rest of us can enjoy heart disease vicariously, perhaps?
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck darn, missed ya. Perhaps we could arrange a Shanghai SF get-together for next time. Thinking of going back there a bit over a month from now.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y Well, you did get an exciting race. No idea what it was like IRL. --Andre Indeed. Got lots of photos too, but film photos, so will have to wait to see them.
In other news, was fed pigeon in an olde clock tower with a gargoyle.
Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 SH GP is really really really really fuking boring, you've been warned. I was warned. Shanghai is truly an amazing place and We'll be returning. Douglas, seems like the hookers are at least being more discreet if not almost completely absent there. Were amused by the "mini Dubai" lobby atrium. Loved the Westin, although We quickly soaked up their entire stock of Veuve.
Her Blondeness returned safely home from the other side of the world last night and is now just around the corner a mere 1800 miles away! And We're together next Friday!
Usually if I'm speaking Japanese in front of non-Japanese speaking friends, it's to interpret or order in a restaurant, so it's to their benefit. And I attempt to keep it brief.
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