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The lime-green phone in my avatar is not the phone in question.
Cell phone spectacularly failed an experiment in impact-resistance, resulting in the loss of my entire phone directory.
Used to partake daily but not willing to take the risks here. Besides, last time I did it, it gave me the only panic attacks I've ever experienced.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB I was suprised as well about the coke thing. I party all the time and have never even seen the stuff! Nantucket in the early & mid '80s, you couldn't get away from the stuff. Friends would score some and drag me along to snort a bunch of lines because they didn't want to do it alone. Once did lines with a friend after work and then went to a party where there was a big mirror on a table in a side room with...
I just recently unfriended an actual real-life friend for a grievous indiscretion.
Good lord, I really am a lucky bastard! Agreed that the no cigar rule does not bode well. Just get the boy a Montecristo #4 and show him the proper way to smoke it. It's an essential male social skill that may stand him in good stead some day if he finds himself in influential company. If there's one rule of hers he should break, it's this one. Sounds like he and his fiance are rather uptight & conservative. All well and good. Some people are comfortable & happy that...
5 minute walk, and this in Tokyo, which is notorious for its hellish train commutes.
Leica MP with 50 Summilux.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt you's not that hard. . . . to deflate by two dozen or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I post on all topics as long as they don't involve clothing. Or food or drink or sex. That basically leaves cars and computers. Enjoy!
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