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Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy I dropped my iPhone in a bathtub last night...Took it apart to dry and it's working fine this morning. This is funny. The week before last, I also dropped my phone in the bathtub. Immediately called Fashionista to let her know of the misadventure, and it was working fine. Later she called me and told me my voice was nothing but crackles, but when she called in the morning it had healed itself and has...
Happy birthday, Globe. Lovely gesture to wear it on your birthday.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Was she the hottest chick that ever dug you? Or was it something completely separate from that which made it love at first sight? There's hot and there's hot. I'm a Pisces and she's a Scorpio thrice over. The attraction was so intense that we couldn't keep away from each other. Then we discovered that we're ridiculously, perfectly compatible. And we can talk about anything at all...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG I definitely think that's an important qualification for me to make when I talk about marriage. To me, "marriage" is simply one term for "life-long commitment." I think we vastly overuse the word marriage in our society. What's important is that the people involved have committed to make it work for a lifetime. Let me also commend you for your excellent thoughts on this subject. After years of cynically...
Mackerel Cove, Bailey Island, Maine. Leica MP, 21 Elmarit Asph., Kodachrome 25 PKM, Oct. '09. Too much family lore here to relate adequately.
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi Summilux wide open. 50 Summilux Asph.? M8? In any case, this is gorgeous. If only my baby pics had been taken with such skill and brilliant optics.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T this previously had stuff abt dates before you edited it...all clear now? Yes. All clear for landing. (BFG and I nixed that plan.) Feb. 11th is a national holiday here and then a Friday and the weekend, so I'll have plently of time to roll with you. Hope to meet Ratboycom and perhaps other SFers here in TYO into the bargain.
. . .
That should be fine. As I always say when people complain about Tokyo being cold, it's not cold; it's chilly.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T It's gonna be evil cold, right? Cold is relative. Seoul or Beijing at that time of year will be far colder. Tokyo rarely gets down as far as freezing, but it's chilly inside and out, so you can go all winter without ever feeling warm save in the bath. Then again, this winter has been pretty mild. That said, bring some warm clothes.
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