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Quote: Originally Posted by m@T It's gonna be evil cold, right? Cold is relative. Seoul or Beijing at that time of year will be far colder. Tokyo rarely gets down as far as freezing, but it's chilly inside and out, so you can go all winter without ever feeling warm save in the bath. Then again, this winter has been pretty mild. That said, bring some warm clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman +2 on the monjayaki experience - certainly something that you won't get elsewhere. Another suggestion is to spend one dinnertime stuffing yourself absolutely full of yakitori at one of the little, hole-in-the-wall style restaurants that are located directly under the railway tracks at Yurakucho in central Tokyo. Cheap, and a glimpse of a Tokyo that is rapidly disappearing. It's only a short walk away from...
You're welcome to spend more than one night at my place, by the way. Monja street is only a short distance from my place, so we'll have to go for monja-yaki one evening. That's a taste of real Tokyo and a bit of an adventure. You make your own gooey pancake type thing on a griddle right at your table. And there's locally brewed beer that's quite palatable. Drinks at the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku would be fun, preceeded by a genuine dining experience that won't break the...
I have a section of floor and a roll-up mattress sort of thing.
A custom title makes you a unique and beautiful snowflake.
At the end of a long, frustrating and exhausting week, Blonde Fashionista Goddess at the end of my day. Finally.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy thanks guyz. not worried about the operation at all, and from what I understand they're just gonna decompress the area around the nerve thats blocked and maybe scrape out some bone matter. the operation itself isn't risky and is only considered major because I have to take general anesthesia. otherwise I could go home the next day or two. whats really bugging me right now are my folks who are insisting that I...
Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 can we bring back the red bar between the pinned threads and non-pinned threads? Yes, can we please?
Any late '20s to early '30s Packards? (Eights or Twelves)
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Is my new avatar too racy? Those look just like my gf's legs.
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