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In this case, keep. In other circumstances, I would destroy without a trace.
More than 200 kind of various Regular Menus! The boast of our shop is neither only Peking duck nor boiled potstickers. An able cook in our shop selected only the delicious one carefully from Chinese whole land to Regular Menu.
Well, we do have to take M@t to Roppongi, so that might be a better idea. Navigate the site a bit. It's worth it just for the Engrish!
I would like to propose Andy's Shin Hinomoto in Yurakucho as the venue. The food is surprisingly good for the price and it will be good for anyone on a budget. It's under the tracks and definitely has a distinctive local feel. Gets mobbed on a Friday night, so I'll take care of the reservations if everybody is amenable to going to Andy's. Will need a definite head count.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I really like the shallow depth of field on these portrait shots. Back in the day when I was using a film camera I had a Canon 50mm f1.2 lens that was awesome for portraits. These days the closest thing I've found that shoots really shallow are the Zeiss 85mm or 135mm at f1.8. Really nice glass but are they expensive. I've been mulling over shooting some film again. There are just some things that turn out better...
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi NR- 50 summilux pre-asph (i found i prefer non-asph for portraits - along with a pre-war summitar) and, yes, the m8 (though i use the m6 as well). I picked up the m8 when we had our daughter 6 months ago (the pic is a friend's son), but i am missing film. your pic is beautiful as well (i spent a little time in camden - not sure if it's close to bailey island), i've been wanting to get a wider angle than my 28, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Who banned the king? I believe it was the Malindae during that episode in the checkered history of the Ask Andy forum moderation.
And if I end up meeting you, I'll be meetinng you at the Yaesu Central Exit or perhaps even delving into the station itself to help extract you. If you manage to navigate to one of the drinking establishments Acéphale mentions, we'll stagger to a cab following a liquid lunch.
Works for me. I live quite close to Tokyo Station, but I'll be at work in the morning. Otherwise I'd come to meet you. If Ratboy can't make it, I'll make special arrangements.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson How many ridiculously dumb threads on homosexuals do we have to endure before LK gets a time out, or at the very least told to STFU? His rape-themed threads are also very unamusing. Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I wonder if LK has ever gotten a time out. Yes, he has.
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