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First, having spent at least half my life living abroad, what do I miss compared to where? I scarcely have a native culture any more and hardly resonated with the one I grew up in anyway. That said, what I miss has more to do with quality of life than specific things. Namely, space and consideration. In Japan, Tokyo particularly, spaces are cramped and people crowd these tiny spaces without any concept of personal space (space, space, space!!!) much less respect for...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Lol. I shall picture you like this from now on. This at least is accurate for me, and considering the beating you've taken online, respect. Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy he was also kinda out of his elements during the pussycat era Quoted for truth. Been falling in love with tall blondes since age 4, honestly. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube You got it good, huh? Good for you. In every sense. And to think I was grinning like an idiot over something as innocent as a phone call from her. Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Is she white or azn? Tall, blonde Brit, and stunning. This is at least the third time I've mentioned this. Pay closer attention. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Ginza Tailor's bespoke starts at around double that for their Samurai line (bespoke with machine work) with their fully handmade line starting at close to triple and going into the stratosphere. They do have English-speaking staff, including two young guys who apprenticed on Savile Row and the daughter of the CEO, so the language barrier will not be an issue there. GT's service is first-rate, and for me this is one factor that makes their bespoke a relative...
Not gonna get sappy about the silly smile that's still on my face. In any case, this thread needs to be bumped.
Another street portrait on Kodachrome 64, this time with a Leicaflex SL2 and 90 Summicron. The lovely Hatsuno Goto, age 105.
Please enjoy High Touch Town. I generally go out dressed as I am for work, but since I live only 5 minutes away from my workplace, I'll stop by and dress down for the occasion. And just because I'll be on my best behavior doesn't mean I can't lead others into temptation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Lets leave your religious beliefs out of this. It's about uniting, not dividing bro. My religion is Lush, and as such it is my firm conviction that we need to take M@t out to Roppongi on a Friday night.
Been pescatarian for ages. The only drawback I've found is the possibility of swallowing tiny bones.
Chinese tends to be a bit meat-intensive for this pescatarian, but I'm sure they'll have something on their "More than 200 kind of various Regular Menus" for my palate. Slim, you've pwned us as usual.
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