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People in Ginza with hats. And speaking of "unaware disaffection," this girl . . . Leica MP, 50 Summilux, Kodachrome 64 (the usual suspects).
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Yes, to all of the above. The people who are sent to these countries to do business are sent because they're good at what they do, and the language skill is icing on the cake. To the OP, I'd say save your time and get good at whatever it is you're good at. That's a better investment of your time, IMO. And even if the language is your primary skill, such as in translation or interpretation, you still...
The Op already said he speaks Spanish.
Someone should make one that says, "Internet - serious bitchiness."
It's not Japanese, so strike that off your list.
They gave FNB's banning a passing notice, decided "who cares about SF anyway?" and went back to talking about clothes. I mean, it's a public forum over there. Any of you can go over and read it for yourselves. The rivalries among the clothing fora and their various characters really baffles me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Acéphale Red: Enigmatic work that reflects an empathy for your subjects soul. A poetic loneliness that stems from unaware disaffection. So technically brilliant yet wanting. Would be interesting to see what you could do with a nude. Thanks for the thoughtful critique. I would only disagree about the "unaware" part. I am certainly aware of my disaffection and the reasons for it. I try to be as much as possible...
I have spent the night in jail on Nantucket on three separate occasions for drunk & disorderly. The first time involved a vehicle, and the second and third times involved climbing something I shouldn't have been climbing either drunk or sober. In both the climbing incidents, the same person ended up calling the cops on me, though they occurred in different areas of town. The more dastardly deeds of my life have fortunately gone undetected by law enforcement.
My brother checking out a Porsche 356C at the Owl's Head car meet. Leica MP, 50 Summilux, Kodachrome 25 PKM. Look at all the lovely, rich black tones! Indeed, I'll miss Kodachrome.
Frank Zappa
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